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Read the contributions from Slovak Conference on Climate change

Date: 22/03/2013

Book of contributions from Conference on Climate change (Bratislava, November 2012) – for free download

Community organizing can help homeless people in Slovakia

Date: 09/02/2013

The topic "The ways of helping homeless people" resonates in the media almost daily. Social and community workers could learn more about the method of community organizing (which may be a way to tackling homelessness) at an informal meeting in Caritas Slovakia.

Scientific conference about climate change in Slovakia

Date: 26/09/2012

"Climate Change - the impact (not only) on population and development projects" is the title of the international scientific conference organized by Caritas Slovakia in cooperation with two faculties of the Comenius University on 8 November 2012 in Bratislava. The conference is one of the final activities within three years project of development education, which implements Caritas Slovakia in collaboration with Caritas Slovenia.

International scientific meeting "Active ageing roundtable"

Date: 11/09/2012

which takes place on 25th and 26th October 2012 in Bratislava

East Africa, a year after the drought

Date: 13/08/2012

Caritas' worldwide network mobilized to prevent deaths and feed the hungry.

Caritas Slovakia joining european initiatives for active ageing

Date: 19/07/2012

Active ageing and opportunities offered to elderly people is the main theme of an educational campaign launched by Caritas Slovakia this week. The project entitled “To age doesn’t mean to stop living” consists of several areas, taking into account that seniors are the largest group of recipients of charitable services provided by diocesan offices of Caritas.

About the campaign “LENTEN BOX for Africa”

Date: 25/05/2012

There is the presentation about the campaign "Lenten box for Africa" and about activities of Caritas Slovakia in Uganda

Caritas Slovakia thanks Samsung Electronics LCD Slovakia

Date: 24/06/2011

Caritas Slovakia thanks Samsung Electronics LCD Slovakia for a present in the form of 190 000 pieces of vinyl gloves that will distributed to facilities arch / diocesan charities throughout Slovakia.

Slovak Catholic Charity at Festival Lumen 2011

Date: 06/06/2011

Slovak Catholic Charity presented its various projects and activities at Festival Lumen in Trnava on June 4th.

Slovak Catholic Charity Goes to School

Date: 02/06/2011

Slovak Catholic Charity pursues its goal to inform the public, young and old, about the situation and needs of the poor in Slovakia and around the world.

Bakhita Project - courses on offer!

Slovak Catholic Charity's Bakhita Project offers caretaker courses to people from third-world countries with residence or asylum in Slovakia.

Help for Migrants in Georgia

This project, undertaken by Slovak Catholic Charity in cooperation with the Georgian Ministry of Displaced Persons, aims to improve aid coordination on the regional level and concretely improve the living conditions of migrants in the city of Khobi.

Adoption from Afar

Through the Adoption from Afar (Adopica na dialku) project, started 15 years ago by Slovak Catholic Charity, Slovak doners are able to help children from India, Haiti, Vietnam and Albania.


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