Mentioned answers generally apply for Children´s Donation project®, further information about individual countries can be found in the menu of supported countries. 

We also recommend to thoroughly read sections About project and For donors to get a complete overview.

There are two conditions. A child has to come from a low-income family (around 2 € per day). The child has to be educated (schools, training courses and craft classes) or begin with their education after being integrated into the project.
Slovak Catholic Charity does not offer the choice of a child based on a photo on the internet. Supported children come from low-income families and are chosen directly by the local communities. These workers know well the social and financial situation of the children. The only criteria, which SKCH can meet are: boy/girl, approximate age (child older or younger than 14 years old).
Country monthly quarterly half-yearly yearly
India 15 € 45 € 90 € 180 €
Haiti 20 € 60 € 120 € 240 €
Ukraine 20 €  60 € 120 €  240 €
Uganda 20 €  60 € 120 €  240 €
Vietnam 20 € 60 € 120 € 240 €
Kazakhstan 20 € 60 € 120 € 240 €
It is also possible to donate a higher sum. If a donor decides to do so, the difference between these payments will be used for the good of all the other children. It is not possible to favour some children over others.
It is not necessary to support a specific child. It is also possible to donate to the needs of all children and centres for the good of the whole community in particular countries. Frequency and the number of donations depend on your personal decision. However, if You want to receive news from the centre, it is necessary to donate at least once a year. The given amount is entirely up to the donor.  
Yes, you can support more than one child/centre from one or more countries. Please, send a separate application for each chosen country.
There is no time commitment when sending the application and taking part in the Children´s Donation project®. A donor can withdraw from the project anytime. If You do so, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find a child a new donor.
Donations from donors are sent regularly on accounts of our partners. Each of them sends us feedback message regarding the acceptance of the payment as well as the report about the usage of donated money. These partners and workers secure the further payment for school items, fees, school uniforms, bags, books, commuting to school, boarding school fees, summer camps, school trips, healthcare and food, and sometimes Christmas presents on behalf of the donors.
Every Euro You send us is divided as follows: 81 cents for a child, 17 cents for the administration of the project, 2 cents for development fund which is used for all children in the countries of the project.  
You can pay by bank transfer.

India IBAN:
SK31 0900 0000 0051 6873 6110

Uganda IBAN:
SK16 0900 0000 0051 6873 7447

Ukraine IBAN:
SK77 0900 0000 0051 6873 4991

Haiti IBAN:
SK26 0900 0000 0006 3511 1206

Vietnam IBAN:
SK33 0900 0000 0006 3511 1177

Kazakhstan IBAN:
SK87 0900 0000 0051 6873 6751

It is necessary that you use your personal donor number as a variable symbol at every payment. Thus will be able to identify your payment.

In case you are a new donor, your personal donor number will be sent to you after confirmation of your application form.

When paying by standing order, depositing cash on a bank account or internet banking, use your personal donor number as the variable symbol. This number is generated by our database of donors. Without this number, it is not possible to correctly identify your payments.
Connecting multiple donors for one child is possible only if the donors (friends, family, school, and so on) donate together the whole required sum under one name, which had been earlier stated in their application.
India: Annual report regarding the progress of a child after finishing the school year and a Christmas letter.
Uganda: The first half of the year – School report with a recent photo and a child's letter or a drawing. The second half of the year – General report about the operating and plans of the centre (schools, foster homes, and others), which is written by the local coordinator responsible for the project.
Haiti, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Ukraine: The first half of the year – General report regarding the activities and plans of the centre (schools, foster houses, etc.), which is written by the local coordinator responsible for the project. The second half of the year – School report with a recent photo and a child's letter or a drawing.
Donors who donate to specific needs of all children in particular countries receive a letter with information once a year.
Considering the living conditions of children, please understand their possibilities when they write their letters and drawings.