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Join the Children’s donation project and change the life of a Ukrainian child

author: charita | date: 12. marca 2020 | category: Ukraine

We cooperate with Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi diocese for the second year. With their help, more than a hundred children from Kolomyia and its suburbs have been engaged in the project.

The Children’s donation project® supports children of preschool age, pupils of primary schools, and high schools, up to the students of universities. These children and students come from impoverished families. Unfortunately, many families are incomplete. Social and economic issues often result in the leaving of one of the parents and the burden of upbringing and earning their livings is left with the other one. Some of the children are orphans or half-orphans. Many families struggle with long-term issues of earning their livings, and these situations lead to family disintegration and risk behaviour of a father or mother. Needy family situation and malfunction of family relationships have a profoundly negative effect on children. The children suffer, and they are more likely to go on the path of risk behaviour (alcohol, drugs, truancy),“ says M. Borčíková, the project coordinator, who visited Caritas Kolomyia during one of her monitoring trips.

The social charity centre operated by Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi diocese attends such families and children. The centre offers psychological support, social and pedagogical assistance and if possible, helps the indigent financially. Since the social situation in Ukraine is not improving, and it´s the other way around, more and more families find themselves in arduous living conditions. For this reason, we are broadening our aid for Ukrainian children. We engage children in the project, whose parents do not have any income or subsistence wage. The project also supports children without solid family background, children who are often malnourished, or lack clothing and footwear,” continues M. Borčíková. Workers of the social centre in Kolomyia attend the children regularly. During the school year, for example, they help with the tutoring, school assignments, or the integration of troubled children in the group of their peers. The social centre is operational also during holidays. Workers and volunteers prepare summer camp, sporting and creative activities, and various entertainment and leisure time activities. The children can spend their holidays in a safe environment. M. Borčíková also reminds:

„There are still many needy children in the Kolomyian area. For this reason, we are extending our support, and more and more Ukrainian girls and boys are engaging in the project. We are truly thankful to everyone who joins the project and becomes a donor. Each supporter can change the life of a specific child for the better.“

You can join the project directly on our webpage or by request for an application on an e-mail address: . Monthly donation for one Ukrainian child is 20 euros. Thank you for your help and support of needy children.