Why is the support of a child in Kazakhstan meaningful

50% of the people have insufficient access to drinking water

28th most restricted freedom of the press in the world

More than a third of the population in Kazakhstan lives below the poverty line. People live on a minimum wage, and they have difficulties with securing the basic needs of their families. 

What do we support


Food and water


Study materials


Whom do we help

Your support is sent directly to needy children of preschool­ and school age, as well as college students. Caritas Kazakhstan directly supports the children. They often come to school underdressed, lacking many school items. Thanks to your help, these children have a chance for education, enough school items, proper clothing and nourishment. The children can fully enjoy their childhood when compared to other classmates.

Caritas Kazakhstan is under the administration of Caritas Internationalis, one of the most prominent humanitarian organisations in the world.

Sysoeva Oksana Nikolajevna, coordinator
My name is Sysoeva Oksana Nikolajevna, and I have been working for six years as a project coordinator in Caritas Kazakhstan. Besides administration management, I take part in conducting various events encouraging children from poverty-stricken families and families with multiple children. These events also concentrate on care for disabled and homeless people. I am very thankful for this project because it is excellent assistance for numerous children coming from disadvantaged families.


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